Turbo Wastegate Actuators

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Billet Turbo Wastegate Actuator  $74.95


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• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.


• High grade, billet aluminum construction

New billett wastegate actuator for multiple different turbo applications, specifically important to us is the use and fitment to the Garrett T3 series of turbochargers.  Below you will find and installation video of this actuator to the Garrett T3 turbocharger.

These billett aluminum wasteagte actuators are fully serviceable! 

Typically when your actuator goes bad it is the pressure diaphram inside that has failed and unfortunately a non-replaceable part.  This leads you to have to purchase a new or used actuator.  Once you have our actuator installed if the diaphram goes bad you can simply open the top hat of the actuator and just replace the diaphram!

These billet aluminum wastegate actuators are fitted with an exclusive adjustable rod!

Zinc plated adjustable rods are common on a lot of higher quality wastegate actuators...however this one features an exclusive LH / RH threaded turnbuckle that will allow you to adjust rod length and tension without ever having to remove the rod off of the wastegate pin!

These billet aluminum wastegate actuators are capable of 15 psi by themselves!

Adjustment on the rod length / spring tension can yield 15 psi without the use of any sort of boost controller or boost valve.  The actuator starts to open at 10 psi and is fully open by 15 psi.

Need higher boost levels? Add in a manual boost control valve for higher boost pressures if desired.

Rod adjustment length is 134-150mm (3.34"-5.19") with the adjustment rod shown. This measurement is from the back of the canister to the tip of the rod end. If you need a shorter adjustment range, simply remove the turnbuckle, cut the threaded rod to desired length, and reinstall the turnbuckle.  This can be done to the male threaded rods on both ends if you really need to acheive a short distance.  We can also offer adjustment rods in pre-cut shorter lengths, please inquire.

Diameter of the actuator canister is 82mm (3.22") at the widest part, and tapers down to 63mm (2.5") at the mounting base.


Installation Video on Garrett T3 Turbo: