XR4Ti Front Brake Upgrade

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Front Brake Upgrade Kit - $429.95



Big front brake kit

Dual piston calipers with 280mm ( 11" ) rotors.

Kit assembled with of the best of the best compontents;

- Merkur Depot DOT plug and play braided stainless lines with Teflon coated outer sleeve.

- MPM plated adapter brackets.

- 11" rotors with high temperature coated hats

- Red powder coated dual piston aluminum calipers

- Premuim semi-metallic brake pads


* 14" factory phone dial wheels and 15" factory spatula wheels will not clear these brakes.  

15" factory basket weave wheels will fit if you grind the fins down off the top of the caliper. All aftermarket 15" or larger wheels will clear. 


All components are available separately, just ask!