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XR4Ti, Ford Sierra, Cosworth Illumiglow Gauge Face Set ( 6 pc.) - $49.95





All illumiglo gauge sets now come with 6 faces !

3 Speedometer faces - 150mph, 170mph , Cosworth 170mph

2 Tachometer faces, one with a boost gauge and one without

1 Fuel / Temperature face

Mix and match the faces to create the set-up you want.

Also included is the power inverter and dimmer control to hook up to any 12v source in the car. If you take the 12v feed from the factory dimmer switch, then the factory dimmer switch will control the lighting just as stock. These faces use electroluminescence technology to light up the graphics and do not require use of the dim stock cluster lamps at all.

Installation is quite simple, just place on top of your existing gauge faces and hook up to any 12v power source. You DO NOT want the wires on the bottom of the face to bend, so it will be necessary to cut 3 small notches in the cluster housing for wire clearance.

Below please find a demo video showing a set of these lit up as well as a second video showing how and where to notch out your cluster housing.